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Mistakes that Kill Your Uniform Project

Even the biggest and best airlines in the world have suffered the consequences of overlooking the (not so) “little” details; hazardous substances in uniforms.


So, why does this occur in uniforms more than in our usual clothing? Essentially, we must start by considering that uniforms are likened to a second skin; a protective layer that must be worn everyday. Imagine then, that the chemical composition of this second skin is above the equilibrial values.. it can easily become damaging to your health.

Selecting appropriate day-to-day clothes is a very demanding task, especially when choosing a limited number of fabrics which have to be broadly appropriate for the requirements of thousands of individual workers. The challenge is huge, the responsibility is even higher. Airline uniforms must take into consideration a number of variables, including diverse skin sensibilities, temperatures, feelings and reactions.


The vast majority of the airlines do not have a textile expert onboard, as this is simply not their primary business domain. At the very least it is important to understand what are the crucial details not to overlook. Consider aspects such as; understanding where the fbres have been produced and how they have been tested. How these fabrics are quality controlled during each stage of logistics. And perhaps most importantly, making sure that the fabrics are produced and regulated within a high level control programme, that includes monitored chemical testing throughout the production stages of the project lifecycle.

It is essential is to ensure that uniforms meet the standard requirements which safeguard against hazardous substances, and retain the Heath & Safety regulations of the airline company. At SKYPRO we make innovative products to care and protect crews around the world. Only the highest quality and safest materials are used. Our uniforms are tested and assessed in accordance with the minimum specifc technical requirements, as per the table below:


Skin contact products should at least comply with Type II and non-skin contact products should at least comply with Type III.


SKYPRO exists to care for crews. We create products that protect and deliver a functional product to be worn everyday, and prepared specifcally for the environmental needs for airline crews. Get support from our Product and innovation team, we’re waiting to help you.

For more information visit our Corporate Site:


Functional Design in Uniforms of the Future


The design of an airline uniform is taken seriously by SKYPRO Design Team.

This is a core exercise in building brand identity for two unique groups; the airline professionals who should feel proud to wear their company’s uniform, and by customers who should instantly recognize the values and culture of the airline.

3 main rules for Functional Design in Uniforms are:

  1. The uniform must be both a piece of elegance and highly comfortable, always in accordance with the airline culture and values.
  2. The design of the uniform should always apply the appropriate high quality fabrics to provide the ultimate care and comfort for the airline professionals, whilst ensuring durability and resistance intended for a long term usage.
  3. The uniform pieces are developed with careful consideration for technical aspects that allows an easy alteration if needed for tailoring to the unique specifications of each crew member. Are you following any of this rules on your airline uniform?

SKYPRO always keep in mind the core aspects during the design process of the uniform of the airline company to provide crews happiness.


Are you looking for Functional Design in your Airline Uniform?

We kindly invite you to send us your requirements:






Just Landed: SKYPRO Crew Story Competition Regulation




Just Landed

SKYPRO Story Competition Regulations


Do you want to win a weekend for two in a 5 star hotel with surf experience on the Lisbon coast of Portugal? Join our competition!

During January 2018, SKYPRO will launch the ‘Just Landed’ 6 part story, across social media channels.

Follow the story and have chance to win the ultimate prize: A weekend for two in a 5-star hotel with Surf Experience on the Lisbon coast of Portugal [1].

SKYPRO will also giveaway several products during the competition. Follow SKYPRO in Facebook or Instagram and get ready to win fantastic prizes every week!

Competition will take place in SKYPRO Facebook page from January 8th until February 14th, 2018.

How to participate?

  1. Register at (Log In Link)
  2. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram. The competition will take place in SKYPRO Facebook page.
  3. You must correctly answer the question, in SKYPRO Facebook page, related to the video, Tag 2 friends and also use the following hashtags #wearskypro and #justlandedwithskypro
  4. Eligible participants, that meet the above defined conditions, will be entered and the winner will be chosen via
  5. All the winners will be decided according to the results generated by
  6. The participants can only apply until the 11.59 pm (GMT +0:00) of the day before each of the winner’s announcement.
  7. The winners of the first 5 prize giveaways will be announced each (during the duration of the contest) Thursday until 12:00 pm (GMT +0:00) after the challenge being launched, on SKYPRO Facebook and Instagram profile.
  8. The final winner for the ultimate prize (weekend for two in a 5 stars hotel in Lisbon and a Surf experience) will be announced on February 14th until 12:00 pm (GMT +0:00), on our Facebook and Instagram profiles.


For any questions regarding this contest, please feel free to contact


[1] Ultimate Prize of weekend for two in a 5-star hotel with Surf Experience on the Lisbon coast of Portugal does not include transport.

The competition winner is responsible for organizing their own transportation, to Portugal and the hotel.

Chosen dates to attend the weekend prize must arrive on a Friday and depart the following Sunday, before May 28th, 2018.

All prizes must be claimed before February 28th, 2018, or they will no longer be valid.







We care about Happiness


It’s that smile right there. That genuine, simple smile. You may not believe this, but we worked hard for it. We spent the past few years perfecting our clothing and footwear. We traveled the world looking for the right techniques. We tested and selected high-tech fabrics and textiles. We may have some complex processes to craft our unique products, yet our goal is much simpler: our costumer’s happiness. We work for the comfort and performance of all who wear SKYPRO. And for that simple smile, right there.

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