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Just Landed: SKYPRO Crew Story Competition Regulation




Just Landed

SKYPRO Story Competition Regulations


Do you want to win a weekend for two in a 5 star hotel with surf experience on the Lisbon coast of Portugal? Join our competition!

During January 2018, SKYPRO will launch the ‘Just Landed’ 6 part story, across social media channels.

Follow the story and have chance to win the ultimate prize: A weekend for two in a 5-star hotel with Surf Experience on the Lisbon coast of Portugal [1].

SKYPRO will also giveaway several products during the competition. Follow SKYPRO in Facebook or Instagram and get ready to win fantastic prizes every week!

Competition will take place in SKYPRO Facebook page from January 8th until February 14th, 2018.

How to participate?

  1. Register at (Log In Link)
  2. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram. The competition will take place in SKYPRO Facebook page.
  3. You must correctly answer the question, in SKYPRO Facebook page, related to the video, and also use the following hashtags #wearskypro and #justlandedwithskypro
  4. Eligible participants, that meet the above defined conditions, will be entered and the winner will be chosen via
  5. All the winners will be decided according to the results generated by
  6. The participants can only apply until the 11.59 pm (GMT +0:00) of the day before each of the winner’s announcement.
  7. The winners of the first 5 prize giveaways will be announced each (during the duration of the contest) Thursday until 12:00 pm (GMT +0:00) after the challenge being launched, on SKYPRO Facebook and Instagram profile.
  8. The final winner for the ultimate prize (weekend for two in a 5 stars hotel in Lisbon and a Surf experience) will be announced on February 14th until 12:00 pm (GMT +0:00), on our Facebook and Instagram profiles.


For any questions regarding this contest, please feel free to contact


[1] Ultimate Prize of weekend for two in a 5-star hotel with Surf Experience on the Lisbon coast of Portugal does not include transport.

The competition winner is responsible for organizing their own transportation, to Portugal and the hotel.

Chosen dates to attend the weekend prize must arrive on a Friday and depart the following Sunday, before May 28th, 2018.

All prizes must be claimed before February 28th, 2018, or they will no longer be valid.







We care about Happiness


It’s that smile right there. That genuine, simple smile. You may not believe this, but we worked hard for it. We spent the past few years perfecting our clothing and footwear. We traveled the world looking for the right techniques. We tested and selected high-tech fabrics and textiles. We may have some complex processes to craft our unique products, yet our goal is much simpler: our costumer’s happiness. We work for the comfort and performance of all who wear SKYPRO. And for that simple smile, right there.

#skypro #feeltheultimatecare #wearskypro #flightattendant


SKYPRO Creative System to have the perfect Uniform for your airline

Are you thinking to start your Airline Uniform Project?

These are the 4 must have to the right Uniform Project:

  1. Follow SKYPRO Creative System to Uniform Production steps
  2. Select the right functional fabrics
  3. Get a Wow functional design that make crews’ happy
  4. Achieve a design that represents your brand values and make your clients proud to be on board.

SKYPRO is a crew care specialist passionate to improve crews’ comfort and well being to deliver happiness and the best flight experience.

We invite you to download SKYPRO Creative System to Uniform Production (link).

SKYPRO - Creative System to Uniform Production_20171121

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We care about Responsibility



A successful aviation career is all about excellence, precision, and know-how. Our work at SKYPRO isn’t that different. We make sure that our clothing and footwear achieve the required precision, high technology and safety. We have the trust of some of the most important companies and professionals. This responsibility sets the bar high: high-quality products for those who deliver high-quality performances. It’s your recognition that makes our mission worthwhile. We’ll keep making sure our responsibility suits you perfectly.

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