The great challenge for our team, was to create long life comfort footwear, to offer you the best wellbeing work tool. We endorse the absolute comfort, each component, every measure was studied and designed to protect you from fatigue.
Skypro insoles are based in Poron XRD, a micro cellular structure that have amazing features:
– Compression set resistant – Won’t lose more than 3% of the cushioning even after 10.000 steps;
– Breathable technology that allows feet to breath and to maintain an optimal feet temperature;
– Soft and resilient;
– When you use a Skypro shoe, the majority of the impact and trepidation stays in the footwear, protecting your spine, and your articulations.

A day in an Airport is not simple and can easily become dangerous. Airplane oils, jet fuel, steel plates, wet stairways and slippery airport floors are all everyday hazards of an Aviation professional.
Having this in mind SKYPRO had special attention in the development of an Anti-SKID system for the outsoles. Innovative materials and a carefully designed track are the main reasons for its success.

Aircrafts are always positively charged when flying. When an airplane is flying it creates a friction between the airplane and the air around it, this friction will create static electricity that will accumulate to huge electrostatic charges. The air humidity at 10,000 meters of altitude is extremely low and sets up a perfect environment to create this kind of charges. During a normal walk electrostatic charge is created from the contact of the shoe and the material covering the ground. These sparks have been responsible for many injuries in the Airplane industry, generally caused by involuntary movement of arms and legs, falls, and the misuse of work tools.
These are the main reasons why SKYPRO invested in our Anti-STATIC system. All our shoes are produced using our Nitril rubber sole, which is by itself Anti-STATIC.

As you know, in many of the major airports worldwide, men and women are obliged to take their shoes off to pass them in the X-Ray scanner. This happens so often that in some Airports, after you pass the metal detectors, you have to wait in a new line to place your feet in another machine to scan your shoes. Having to pass by this procedure several times per day is exhausting and unhygienic for pilots and crew members.
Can you imagine the quantity of people that pass every day by the metal detectors area in a major International airport? This represents a real danger of transmission of bacteria and fungus from one person to the other.
Knowing how serious this problem is for Pilots, In-flight Personal, Ground Handling teams, and Frequent Flyers, SKYPRO developed an Alarm-FREE technology which is applied to all our shoes.
Almost all heel shoes in the world are constructed with a metal plate called shank, which connects and secures the heel to the remaining shoe within the construction insole. What we did was to substitute this metal plate with a special composite developed for this purpose, reinforced it with high pressured recycled cellulose components, to provide the support needed to offer all the security and comfort a professional shoe needs.

The most important feature in corporate footwear is comfort. Only a truly comfortable shoe will allow a professional to perform his job the best way he can and knows, and to do this in a sustainable way throughout the entire day.
Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree. The cork bark can be harvested from the tree allowing new bark to grow in its place without killing or damaging the trees. This material is highly resilient, naturally resistant to mold and mildew, naturally antibacterial and hygienic, anti-static, anti-vibration, fire retardant, thermal insulator, and believe it or not, a truly natural product, removed every 9 years from trees that are so well taken care that will leave up to 250 years.
This highly resilient material has around 60 million air-filled pockets, organized in a honeycomb structure, in a piece of cork not bigger then a sugar cube. And it’s here that cork performs its magic, no other material can match that, and this is what makes cork extremely elastic. Cork can be pressed to 40% of its volume, but returns to its original size when released, and this can be repeated over and over. And It is also this air-filled structure, that allows a simple layer of cork, to give our shoes the ability to prevent the penetration of very high or low temperatures from the ground, allowing the feet to keep a mild temperature even when someone is standing for a long period of time in a very cold surface, as snow for example.