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SKYPRO Winner Logistics System for Airlines Supply

All organizations face challenges to their operation: one of the most pressing concerns for SKYPRO is the logistics aspect of all our shipments – these shipments need to preserve the goods’ quality and ensure a delivery that meets our clients’ deadlines.

Due to these concerns, SKYPRO takes much pride into being very adaptable to the described variables: we face fierce competition and innovation is also a great pillar of what we do – this sometimes involves the rethinking of strategies and, once thought, the capacity to quickly adopt certain responses, always bearing in mind the needs and demands of our clients.

Our effort is not only about selling our products, allowing for the airline industry to feel safer, healthier and comfortable: it is also towards a democratisation of the knowledge we have acquired over the years, educating customers and airlines on what the latest tendencies are, on which new technology we can incorporate. It is safe to say that no improvisation is needed: however, we strive to adapt and overcome.

The industry we belong to is global, even though we privilege some local aspects, such as all our production sites. However, being global also means that logistics could be a pain to handle. That is why Operations play such a big role in ensuring our clients are happy not just with the product we have produced, but also with what they receive at their premises and what crews receive at their place.

Everyday there are new challenges, new skills to develop and knowledge to be found. We have many chances to positively revolutionise the airline industry, elevating its standards and ensuring all its players are equipped with products that enable them to fly their customers with a smile on their face.

Akemi Araki
Operations Manager

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The Best Compression Tights for Flight Attendants

Combining innovative technology with fashion forward design, SKYPRO’s compression tights helps flight attendants prevent swelling, varicose veins, and even blood clots while still looking stylish.

One of the things that never looks good with a flight attendant uniform? Swollen ankles and feet! Whether flying a bunch of quick turns or a long flight across the Atlantic, long stretches of time on our feet and changes in air pressure can cause uncomfortable – and sometimes dangerous – swelling.

Technically referred to as “gravitational oedema,” feet swell when you fly because blood has to fight against gravity to travel up through your legs. Whether sitting for long periods of time like pilots and passengers, or standing for hours on end like flight attendants, blood begins to pool at the point furthest from your heart (and closest to the earth) – your feet.

While typically harmless, this swelling can cause deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or the formation of a blood clot deep within the veins. Flight attendants and pilots are especially at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, and swelling due to the physical nature of our jobs and the amount of time we spend in the sky. We’re also more susceptible to unsightly spider veins and varicose veins because the veins in our legs have to work consistently harder to push blood back up our legs.

flight compression tights

As professional and frequent travelers, one of the most effective ways flight attendants can fight the affects of gravity on our bodies is by wearing compression socks or tights. Compression tights improves blood circulation by using tightly woven materials and graduated compression, meaning that unlike regular hose they are tighter toward the ankle than at the knee and thigh. This prevents blood from pooling at your feet and assists your body in pushing blood back up toward your heart.

Unfortunately, compression socks and tights are often more frumpy than fashionable. With super thick knits that completely obscure your actual legs and colors that make your legs look anything from beige to orange (but never the actual color of your skin), the compression tights I’ve tried in the past has made me look like I bought my tights from the geriatric section of a pharmacy.

Which is why SKYPRO’s compression tights (black or skin colour) are a total game changer! These pantyhose combine innovative gradient compression technology with fashion forward design so flight attendants can enjoy the benefits of compression tights while still maintaining an elegant, glamorous look. They’re thick enough to prevent swelling while still appearing slightly sheer and letting your natural legs show through. The woven fabric is comfortable and soft on the skin and – as a bonus! – increases their durability so they don’t run easily and last through many a trip.

They also feature a reinforced foot with massaging insoles, again increasing durability and preventing achy, sore feet. Perhaps most importantly, they’re specially constructed to fit a woman’s figure, with no slipping or rolling at the waist, bagging at the knees, or uncomfortable pinching. In addition to aiding in circulation, the compression technology also smoothes and tones your figure so your uniform fits and looks better. They’re a stylish solution to swelling and an important investment in your comfort and health!

Available in black and a pretty, tanned skin tone, SKYPRO’s compression tights is available in a variety of sizes here.

Shannon Hill

Blogger @ Tramontanetravel

Flight Attendant, USA



Notes: This post is an opinion Article without medical endorsement. The opinion of the author and in no way reflects the opinion of or an endorsement by her employer.
Shoe Maintenance

SKYPRO Shoes Maintenance Guide

Are a SKYPRO leather shoes proud owner?
Here you can find some instructions to keep your shoes clean and with the perfect look!

Care #1: Air your shoes after each use
Avoid moisture to prevent fungus and bad odours. Your SKYPRO shoes already have an antifungal insole but it is important to dry your shoes in an airy and shady place. You can fill
your shoes with crumpled paper in order to help absorb the moisture and keep the shoes’ shape.

Care #2: Clean up dirt
Clean the dirt of the shoe after each use with a soft brush or a cotton cloth. If the shoe is
very dirty use a damp cloth and let it dry; then, apply a cream for leather shoes.

Care #3: How to apply a cream for leather shoes – grease or shoe ointment?
a) Select a product of the same color as the shoe, or neutral color;
b) Before applying the product you can wipe a damp cotton cloth over the shoe to improve
the absorption of the product and increase the leather’s brightness;
c) Apply the product with a cloth or brush, evenly distributed;
d) Brush with a soft brush to help distribute the product all over the shoe; let it dry;
e) After drying, brush again to remove excess of cream.

Care #4: Using your shoe to move the travel trolley.
If you use the toe of your shoe to move your travel trolley, you should frequently apply
(preferably after each use) a protective shoe cream to keep your shoe unmarked or


What not to do?

1. Do not use the bottom of the shoe or the sole to move objects or your travel trolley. It will take off the sole with the impact. To do this use the toe (front) of the shoe;

2. Do not expose the shoe to a direct heat source. It will dry the leather and damage the shoe with irreversible cracks and marks;

3. Do not use an auto-rinse cream. Despite the ease with which you may apply them they can dry the leather, causing it to crack and become defective;

4. Do not store shoes in a humid place nor exposed to heat or strong light;

5. Do not store your shoes with objects that crush or deform. Do not pile them as to avoid permanent damage to the shoe.


Trusted by some of the major airlines all over the World

Skypro team is trusted over the last decade by some of the major airlines all over the world.

With a costumer-oriented culture we have built winner projects with airline leaders.

Our team englobe fashion designers, materials specialists, researchers, product developers and quality controllers that ensure all the capabilities from funtional design to the final product.

We aim to create the best in class products with cutting-edge technologies that follows the most demanding ISO standards. That’s why our products are known in the airline industry by their quality, durability, comfort and permanent good looking.

Structured procedures that ensure to accomplish of the products on time allow Skypro to supply small and big airlines with different needs.

One of our main strenghts is the excellent and pro-active custumer service that prove that our focus is always the client.

Our products are included in a world advanced cluster of textile industry. All our products are Made in Portugal, where footwear and textile industries are recognized for their quality and innovation.

Skypro is also IATA Strategic Partner. This program provides unique insights into airlines priorities and a possibility to work together with some of the key industry stakeholders, developing strong relationships and serving the air transport industry. With this partnership we are defining the airline uniforms standards to improve safety, performance and health of crews around the world.


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