International air crew fly around the world in the uniform. They need to be comfortable at all destinations with different temperatures and weathers.

One of the biggest challenges for footwear designed especially for aviation professionals is to provide shoes that are able to control feet temperature. Skypro was extremely careful and work hard in order to find the perfect solution for this problem.

With Skypro shoes, flight attendants and pilots can fly to Moscow in the Morning and to the South Hemisphere in the afternoon and be comfortable with their feet temperature. Because no details were left behind by our R&D team, we introduced cork, a full natural material from the cork oak tree. This row material has unique properties, such as lightness, thermal insulation, resilience and good humidity control.

In our cabin crew shoes, a cork inner layer is applied onto the insole ensuring user’s protection either in cold (snow or ice) or hot environments (hot airplane tracks), providing additional comfort to the feet, through a better thermal insulation. Cork has a honeycomb structure that provides an air-filled structure enabling a simple layer of cork to give the feet a more controlled mild temperature, even when someone stands for a long period of time in every day ground surfaces. By combining cork properties with the performance of Skypro insole and outer materials, a suitable combination is achieved, highlighting the thermal and impact ground insulation of the different SKYPRO airline shoes models.

Buy your Skypro airline shoes now and be comfortable everyday at any latitude!