Today, airline pilots held about 76,800 jobs. This numbers are expected to increase 12%  since the demand for air travel will also increase in the following years. Work as a pilot is one of the most popular professions. It is known by the great work and payment conditions. SKYPRO gives you a perspective of the work conditions for airline pilots.

Since the very beginning of this job, pilots were always admired by everyone. Being a pilot in a major airline was a really common ambition. Today things changed but it is still one of the most admired jobs.

For pilots, the best opportunities will be found with low-cost and regional airlines, which is growing faster than major airlines. Jobs at major airlines are more competitive than ever. The positions receive many more applicants that the numbers of openings, candidates are competing with laid-off pilots and the greatest number of logged hours with the most sophisticated equipment will open the most doors, often giving military pilots an advantage

The wages of airline pilots can vary depending on seniority, rank and type of aircraft. The median annual wages for airline pilots are $106,240. The lowest payment is $56,620 and the higher $144,010.

Usually airline pilots are eligible for health and life insurance plans, retirement benefits, disability payments and other benefits.