Although being a flight attendant is an awesome job, it is quite challenging living up in the skies. Skypro gives you some tips for you to feel great while you are working.

The aircraft conditions, the long hours flights, the annoying passengers and crazy schedules can all have a terrible effect on the way flight attendants feel and look while working. But there are some simple tricks you can do to feel good during flight.

1. Keep your bag packed at all times. Staying organised will help you to save time and avid the stress of forget something

2. Take a mini pillow with you on your crew bag. It will help you to relax in your free time.

3. If you have some space in your bag take with you first aid kit. It might be useful in some emergencies.

4. Eat well onboard and downroute. Avoid fast food and far or salty food. Choose some light options and drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.

5. Make the most of your relaxation time. It’s essential to have a good recovery from the long hauls work flights.

6. Wear the right pair of airline shoes. Comfort is everything for any cabin crew member.

7. Don’t forget that a positive attitude makes a huge difference in your work day.