Flight attendant salary is often better when compared to other jobs. Air crew salary can vary according to experience, the company you’re working for, your location and whether this is based on an international or domestic flight. SKYPRO gives a perspective of cabin crew salaries in different parts of the world.

International flight attendant often receives higher salaries compared to those who work in domestic flights. However, rates will always vary depending on the base rate followed by your country, your experience and the policy of the business you’re working for. Check some rates in different parts of the world according to Payscale.


In USA a flight attendant can expect an average salary of $41,484. For Flight attendants with more than twenty years of experience is expected to receive a salary range from $24,721 to $78,350 or an hourly salary rate of $37,86 to $56,41.

Rates will vary from one company to another too. Depending on their policy a company may pay a starting rate of $19 000 like America Airlines while others could pay more than $23 000.

Your salary may also vary depending on your location. Flight attendants in Los Angeles, California enjoy better remuneration benefits compared to flight attendant in Dallas, Texas York where the former could earn from $15.813 to $76,933 while the latter earns $14,597 to $73,974.


In Canada, a flight attendant has an average salary of CA$45,806. Pay rates could range from CA$25,385 to CA$80,678. The most popular countries’ airline, Air Canada, pays an average salary of CA$57,056. The company pays an hourly rate of $22.99 for flight attendants with less than a year of experience while those who have been service for more than nine years could be earning an hourly rate of CA$48,27.

United Kingdom

If you are in UK, the average salary of flight attendant is £19,000, however, salaries could range from 11,857 to £27,716 without benefits and bonus. If the company you’re working for allows bonuses and commissions could be anywhere from £12,208 to £29,539. For an experienced flight attendant the estimated salary will be from £15 000 to £18,000 annually.

Australia and New Zealand

Most of the flight attendants in Australia are working in New South Wales where 40,8% of the workforce are employed. The expected starting rate in Australia is at AU$52,000 while senior employees can earn as much as AU$62,000. The average salary was reported to be at AU$57,000. These rates can vary from airline to airline.

In New Zealand, new flight attendants are expected to earn between NZ$28,000 to NZ$33,500 for domestic or international flights. With three to five years of experience, a flight attendant could earn from NZ$40,000 to NZ$45,000. If you have been working in the industry for more than 10years, you could be earning as much as NZ$60,000 or even more. As you gain seniority, your allowances along with your wages increases and could amount to NZ$15,000.