Airline professionals, mainly flight attendants, beneath an image of glamour and leisure through working travel, are actually strong candidates (and often struggle with) to several physical problems that come from the job, like varicose veins, feet bunions or severe backache. Some of these issues may also be exacerbated by uniforms’ requirements, particularly shoes.

There are numberless requisites to be aware of when planning and developing a uniform project, whether it includes shoes or not. Nowadays, a significant part of the companies allow their employees to choose the shoes to complement their uniforms, as long as they stay within certain guidelines.

But why is the shoes choice so important? Because working as Cabin Crew is very tough to the feet – these professionals are standing for long hours at a time, they are forced to walk miles every day and there is the added pressure of working at altitude.

This scenario makes finding shoes that are comfortable for their requirements and still look good an almost impossible task. So, what aspects should be considered to ensure the right choice of a pair of shoes? Because foot pain of any kind, nowadays, is certainly not normal and, above all, not necessary.

Heeled shoes place the foot at an unnatural angle, sometimes creating discomfort on the foot, knees and even back. When picking a heel shoe, it should not be too high and should be wide enough. Too narrow (and high) heels don’t’ have enough area to guarantee stability, especially for professionals who constantly have to balance, which can strain the muscles. Square heels with a wide platform are often better choices, as they will improve stability.

On the other hand, flat shoes are generally more comfortable, but may not be perfect for everyone, as we have a particularly high arch in our foot that may turn flat shoes uncomfortable too. Also, they are not considered as the most elegant ones, particularly to wear in the terminal.

Besides the heel, the shoe’s material is also of great importance. Most companies require leather shoes, so it is important to think about the softness of the leather, as well as ensure they are free from dangerous substances that affect human health.

Another issue that can become annoying (and hygienic counter-productive) is to always have to walk barefoot through security screenings at airports. Many shoes are currently alarm-free, in order to avoid this situation and make it possible to walk through the metal-detectors without having to remove the shoes.


Besides all these considerations, there is an additional concern to be aware of: cabin crew shoes must be anti-skid. These professionals cannot afford to slip in any circumstance, for their own safety and everybody around them.

Fortunately, over the last years, advances in technologies and materials have allowed to develop good looking, foot-healthy, supportive and comfortable shoes, that are accessible to everyone.

Skypro shoes are an example of it: anti-skid, anti-static, alarm-free, made with innocuous leathers and using ambicork, will warranty absolute comfort with the most ultimate style.

We understand that looking and feeling good is not only necessary for the professionals’ well-being, but it is also crucial to the service they deliver. And this is what drives us daily: we want to contribute with excellent products for the best top-notch service all flying clients deserve!