Specialists in caring for crewsAbout us

SKYPRO is the original company founded to care for crews. We are passionate about creating products that genuinely deliver happiness and comfort to airline professionals around the world. Our technically advanced products are developed and tested to meet the high quality demands of the airline industry environment. SKYPRO is the unique IATA strategic partner for airline uniforms, and the first brand to develop an innovative product line specifically for aviation industry professionals.



Wellbeing of crews

Caring for the health and happiness of aviation professionals is at the heart of everything that we do.

Durable & comfortable design

Our stylish products are designed purposefully for long-lasting comfort in daily work life.

Research & Technology

Continuous emphasis on innovation and development of the latest materials & production.

Global accessibility

World-class quality production in Portugal, delivered to anywhere in the world.

Skypro uniforms

Our ServicesUniforms

Airline Uniforms of the Future is a SKYPRO programme which began in 2015. Our single goal is to create the world’s best-in-class solution for airline uniforms. SKYPRO has combined the best European talent in textiles with their deep know-how of aviation industry, which allows us to create innovative products perfect for Airline professionals.

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Skypro shoes

Our ServicesShoes

SKYPRO offer the best shoes that airline professionals can have. Our award-winning technology and EN ISO 20347, make SKYPRO shoes the gold standard reference marker in airline shoes. Airline crews all over the world choose to wear SKYPRO shoes every day and benefit from the advanced technology that reduces fatigue, absorbs energy, and delivers permanent comfort and protection.

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Skypro accessories

Our ServicesAccessories

The high standards of the airline industry demand products with long durability. SKYPRO accessories are custom designed by our in-house designers to perfectly coordinate with your airline brand identity. We use cutting edge technologies and finishes which are known throughout the airline industry for their quality, durability, comfort and maintaining perfect appearance.

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We innovate & developTECHNOLOGY

SKYPRO Innocuous leather
Innocuous leather
SKYPRO Alarm Free
Alarm Free
SKYPRO Ambicork
SKYPRO Anti-skid
SKYPRO Anti-static
My Skin
Slim Fit
SKYPRO Mosquito Protect
Mosquito Protect
SKYPRO Absolute Comfort
Absolute Comfort
SKYPRO Thermal Sense
Thermal Sense
SKYPRO Thermodynamic Care
Thermodynamic Care

The #1 choice trusted by many of the world's leading airlines