• Exterior lining High quality leather

  • Measurements Extra sizes for crew

  • Origin Portugal

  • Midsole Thermal and dynamic ambicork

  • Sole Anti-skid nitrile natural rubber

  • Toe Round

  • Lining 100% Polyester

Full protection and safety for your intense work life.

  • Innocuous Leathers

    Innocuous Leathers

    Skypro leathers are tested at independent laboratories to ensure they are free from dangerous substances that affect human health (chromium, aromatic amines, chlorophenols, formaldehyde, organotin compounds and heavy metals).

  • Absolute comfort

    Absolute comfort

    Skypro insoles use a special microcellular structure material with amazing features. They don’t lose cushioning, are breathable, soft and resilient, absorb ground impact hence protecting the spine and joints and provide higher flexibility for absolute comfort.