• Easy Care and Comfort Yes

  • Compression 14-17 mm Hg

  • Type Socks

Full protection and safety for your intense work life.

  • Absolute confort

    Absolute confort

    Skypro insoles use a special microcellular structure material with amazing features. They don’t lose cushioning, are breathable, soft and resilient, absorb ground impact hence protecting the spine and joints and provide higher flexibility for absolute comfort.

  • Hipo-alergenic


    By using a high percentage of natural fibers our products are ideal for anyone with a tendency to allergic reactions.

  • Easy cleaning

    Easy cleaning

    By improving repellent characteristics of the surface of our fabrics, using carefully selected, top of the line technology, allows for easy removal of stains. With this finishing the drying properties of the fabric are improved and we guarantee a much more durable garment.