• Easy Care and Comfort Yes

  • My Skin Yes

  • Type Boxer

Full protection and safety for your intense work life.

  • My Skin

    My Skin

    MySkin technology feels just like a second skin because it adapts to your body, giving you more comfort. The thread is thinner, so the fabric is more elastic and it doesn't lose its shape in the wash.

  • Hipo-alergenic


    By using a high percentage of natural fibers our products are ideal for anyone with a tendency to allergic reactions.

  • Easy cleaning

    Easy cleaning

    By improving repellent characteristics of the surface of our fabrics, using carefully selected, top of the line technology, allows for easy removal of stains. With this finishing the drying properties of the fabric are improved and we guarantee a much more durable garment.

  • Easy Care & Comfort

    Easy Care & Comfort

    SKYPRO products are produced with fabrics that have been processed with a special high-tech finish to ensure a soft, smooth and clean appearance. This minimizes wrinkling and garments look newer for longer, retaining their shape and original dimensions after washing. Our durable super-soft finish provides the highest comfort.